In addition to the above basic building blocks to a complete fuel oil system for your facility, we also provide the following:

Anti-Syhon Valves:  Anti-syphon valves are used to help prevent the accidental syphoningof fuel oil from a tank in the event of a leak downstream below the liquid level in the tank.  More

Back Pressure Control Manifolds:  Used to set the pressure in a loop, usually on a boiler loop where the oil pressure is determined by the burner.The pressure needs to be controlled throughout the firing (flow) rate of the burner. Also these back pressure control manifolds are also found at the end of a loop that provides oil to a day tank.  More

Back Pressure Control Valve:  High performance, spring operated back pressure regulator with top-guided piston-cylinder that provides high flow capacity and high pressure drop capability.  More

Control Panels:  Control panels are available in a number of configurations to meet the requirements of the applications.  More

Duplex Strainers: Duplex strainers are ideal for applications where the requirement for a continuous supply of oil which does not permit interruption of the flow for the routine cleaning of the strainer baskets. More

Extractor Fitting:  The extractor fitting is used to allow the removal of the foot valve easily from the top of the tank. More

Fire Valves:  A fire valve is used to keep oil from being moved into a room or area where temperatures are extremelyelevated most likely due to a fire. They are typically placed on the inside wall of the room to be protected.  More

Flow Control Manifolds:  Used to control the flow of fuel oil to selected devices.The most typical application is to control the flow of oil from a pump set to one of several generator day tanks. More

Flow Switches: Flow switches are used in fuel oil systems to provide proof of flow from the pumps. More

Foot Valves:  Foot valves are designed to keep the suction line between the tank and the pump set primed by preventing the oil from flowing back to the main tank. More

Isolation Valves:  • 1/4″ Brass Ball Valve (threaded) • PTFE Ball Seat • Chrome Plated Brass Ball More

Leak Switches:  Leak switches come in two configurations. For interstitial space leak detection, the probe will be mounted from the top of the tank.It will be identical to the multi-level probe described above exceptwith only one float at the bottom.  More

Level Switches:  In fuel oil applications fuel is typically stored in day tanks, the controlof the level in these tanks are handled by level switches. More

Overfill Alarm Station:  Typically near the fill port an Overfill Alarm Station is installed. This control station is used to alert the delivery truck driver that the tank is full and that tank filling should stop immediately.  More

Overfill Prevention Valves:  An Overfill Prevention Valve is installed at the fill port of a storage tank.Used in a pressurized tight fill application, the valve helps prevent tank overfills by closing when the liquid level reaches a preset warning level (90-95% full).  More

Pressure Gauges:  Available in either 4″ or 2.5″ sizes. These gauges are bottom connected to an isolation valve with a sealed stainless steel case and shatterproof heat resistant polycarbonate lenses. More

Relief Valves:  Relief Valves are designed to relieve pressure at a set pressure. In typical fuel oil applications they are used at the outlet of positive displacement pumps.  More

Simplex Strainers: Simplex strainers are used to remove large debris from the fuel oil line. These are usually installed just before a pump or an automatic valve to protect these devices from harm. More 

Sight Flow Indicator:  Sight flow indicators are used to provide positive visual indication of fuel oil flow from pump setsor return pumps. More

Solenoid Valves:  • 2-way normally closed operation • For control of commercial and industrial gas burners More

Tank Fill Equipment Fill Box:  The fill box is used to allow the delivery truck driver a place to connect the supply hose at the side of a building.The box is an attractive addition to the building and is available either in painted carbon steel or stainless steel.  More

Tank Selector Valves:  Tank Selector Valves are used to “parallel” or duplex two pieces of pipeline equipment in continuous flow without shut off of either one.  More

Vacuum Breaker:  Vacuum Breakers provide effective protection against unwanted vacuum in the fuel oil piping. This is typically found on a fuel system where the oil is pumped up to a much higher elevation.  More

Vent Caps:  The emergency vent (pressure relief only) series are used on above ground storage tanks, as a code requirement, to helpprevent the tank from becoming over-pressurized and possibly rupturing if ever exposed to fire. More