Flow Switches

Flow switches are used in fuel oil systems to provide proof of flow from the pumps. They are the main indicator when it is time to start a backup pump on a duplex pump set. The flow switch electrical contacts are completely sealed from the fluid flow, and is actuated by a pair of magnets.

• Weatherproof / Explosion Proof
• Electrical assembly can be removed without affecting the flow operation
• 1000 psi pressure rating
• Optional “low flow” unit available
• 301 Stainless Steel Vain (flapper)
• Brass Body
• -4 to 220 degree F temperature range
• SPDT switch, 5A at 125/250VAC
• 1/2″ NPT connecting to “Tee” installed in flow line, Tee is sized for the application

INDUSTRIAL FUEL SYSTEMS Mission Critical Fuel Oil Systems Fuel Oil Pump Sets

Subject to Change without notice

Download the Industrial Fuel Systems Flow switches Spec Sheet HERE