Tank Fill Equipment Fill Box

Fill Box
The fill box is used to allow the delivery truck driver a place to connect the supply hose at the side of a building.The box is an attractive addition to the building and is available either in painted carbon steel or stainless steel.The box includes a lock to protect from unintended access to the fill port.

The fill box is available in two configurations, first an “in-wall” version where the fill box is placed in a wall.The edges of the fill box include a 2 inch flange around the outside of the box to provide an attractive installation.The second version is for installing on a wall where mounting ears are used to secure the box to the wall.

Generally these fill boxes are used to fill only one tank, but a single fill box can be used with tank selector valves to use a single connection port to fill several tanks. Other configurations can include multiple fill port connections in the box to feed several tanks. The size of the box is modified to fit the needs of the application.

For spill protection the bottom of the box includes a 5 gallon spill area with a drain connection to removed larger spills. The box is supplied with a “ship loose” cam and groove connection with a dust cover. This connection is installed on the end of the fill pipe which can be brought into the fill box at any point to meet the needs of the installation.

The controls are typically mounted in a second enclosure mounted next to the fill box. These controls can be very simple overfill alarms or they can be complicated system with tank selector controls, tank level displays in gallons. If the controls are to be mounted inside the fill box they are of explosion proof design as the fill box can be mounted such that it can be in direct sunlight and can become hot enough to generate dangerous vapor.


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