Duplex Strainers

Duplex strainers are ideal for applications where the requirement for a continuous supply
of oil which does not permit interruption of the flow for the routine cleaning of the strainer baskets.

• 180 degree handle movement to switch baskets
• Handle blocks access to the basket that is in use to protect against inadvertent opening,
• and provides positive visual indication of the active strainer
• There is not restriction to flow as the handle is moved from one position to the other,
• the handle can even be left in the intermediate position
• Covers are sealed with O-ring gaskets with quick opening bolts for easy gasket access
• 200 psi one piece design cast iron bodies
• Standard gaskets are 3/64″ perforated with 40, 60, 100 and 200 mesh baskets available as options
• Consult factory on sizes and end connections as some are available in screwed connections
• and some are available in flanged connections. Sizes range from 3/4″ to 4″ connections


Duplex Strainer with optional Differential Pressure Switch and Gauge

Subject to Change without notice

Download the Industrial Fuel Systems Duplex strainers Spec Sheet HERE