Vent Caps

Model 244 Emergency Vents

The emergency vent (pressure relief only) series are used on above ground storage tanks, as a code requirement, to helpprevent the tank from becoming over-pressurized and possibly rupturing if ever exposed to fire. Vent must be used in conjunction with a “normal vent.” Correct application of this vent requires proper vent size and selection for the tank system in order to meet the specific venting capacity.
Conformance Including: 
NFPA 30, 30a, UL 142, UL 2244, API 2000 and PEI RP200

Model 354 Updraft Vent

Atmospheric updraft vents are installed on the top of storage tank vent pipes on underground and above ground fuel storage tanks.
• Directs vapors outward and upward in accordance with NFPA 30
• Protects the vent line from debris and insects
• Water-resistant rain cap sheds water away from the vent line
• Slip-on design with set screws for easy installation
• Internal drain channels water penetration out through weep hole
Construction Details: 
• Aluminum die cast body and cap
• 40 mesh stainless steel screen
Certifications & Listings: 
• CARB 89-12 (1 1/2″ and 2″ 354 models)