Back Pressure Control Manifolds

Used to set the pressure in a loop, usually on a boiler loop where the oil pressure is determined by the burner.The pressure needs to be controlled throughout the firing (flow) rate of the burner. Also these back pressure control manifolds are also found at the end of a loop that provides oil to a day tank. The pressure is set to make sure that oil does flow into the day tank instead of just flowing past the day tank. The valve is used to maintain a set pressure no matter how many day tanks are calling for oil.

• Preassembled for easy installation by the contractor
• Simple setting of the pressure with a multi-turn bolt
• Three valve isolation with bypass for easy maintenance
• Optional upstream and downstream pressure gauges for monitoring of proper operation
• The system is totally mechanical in nature, no electrical wiring is required


Subject to Change without notice

Download the Industrial Fuel Systems Back Pressure Control Manifolds Spec Sheet HERE