Flow Control Manifolds

Used to control the flow of fuel oil to selected devices.The most typical application is to control the flow of oil from a pump set to one of several generator day tanks.

• Preassembled for easy installation by the contractor
• One or two solenoid valves for added system control and protection
• Three valve isolation with bypass for easy maintenance
• Optional sight flow indicator and/or flow switch for proof of flow
• Optional Y-strainer ahead of the solenoid valves for protection of the valves and a spin on filter for cleaning the fuel. With these devices an optional differential pressure gauge and indicator can be added to trigger an alarm when the strainer needs cleaning or the filter changed.
• Optional orientation for the dual solenoid, can be either in series (normal configuration) or in parallel with additional isolation valves (As shown below)
• The assembly is completely prewired with a termination box for easy electrical terminations

Note: Supply lines maybe larger than the flow control manifold because the flow control manifold only needs to be sized to handle the needs of the attached device.

Subject to Change without notice

Download the Industrial Fuel Systems Flow Control Manifolds Spec Sheet HERE