Foot Valves

Single Poppet Foot Valves

Foot valves are designed to keep the suction line between the tank and the pump set primed by preventing the oil from flowing back to the main tank. Foot valves provide a higher level of protection as compared to a check valve that may be located closer to the pump set. If the prime is lost the pump will have to work with extra effort to re-establish prime. This not only affects the life span of the pump but will also affect the reliability of the overall fuel oil system to function when called upon.

Single poppet foot valves have brass bodies with a metal seat for long life.
Each foot valve includes a screen suction screen to protect the valve.

Double Poppet Foot Valves

A double poppet foot valve provides twice the protection comparedto a single poppet foot valve. Otherwise they have the same characteristics of the single poppet units.

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Download the Industrial Fuel Systems Foot Valves Spec Sheet HERE